Sessions at Next 5 Minutes #2 on Thursday 18th January

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  • From Access for All to Access for What

    by Rop Gonggrijp, Mark Dery and DeeDee Halleck

    Balie theatre: 10.30-12.00 hours
    From Access for All to Access for What
    Can strategic combinations of old and new media make the dream of genuine public access a reality?

    • Presentation by DeeDee Halleck (New York) co-founder of Paper Tiger TV and Deep Dish TV, with screenings of influential old and new material from the Paper Tiger collection
    • Interview with Juergen Linke (Berlin) director of the Berlin Open Channel and Nico van Eyk (Amsterdam) former board member of SALTO, Amsterdam Open Channel, as representatives of important examples of public access to cable television in Europe
    • Presentation by Mark Dery (New York) cyber critic and author of 'Culture Jamming', with a street level perspective on the future of public access
    • Spoken column by Rop Gonggrijp (Amsterdam) co-founder of XS4ALL and of Amsterdam Digital City

    Moderation: David Garcia (Amsterdam) Centre for Tactical Media.

    At 10:30am to 12:00pm, Thursday 18th January

  • The Desire to be Wired

    by Geert Lovink and Pit Schultz

    Paradiso hall: 14.30 -17.00 hours
    The Desire to be Wired

    A series of performance-lectures that will form a radical critique of cyberculture

    • Calin Dan (Bucharest) visual artist, member of the artists group SubREAL.
    • Konrad Becker (Vienna) video and computer artist, < www.netbase.t0.or.at > .
    • Sabeth Buchmann (Berlin) member of Minimal Club, editor of the theoryzine A.N.Y.P.
    • Heath Bunting (London) street culture hacker < cybercafe.org > .
    • Pit Schultz (Berlin) electro artist, editor of the theory database Webstop.
    • Dirk Paesmans (Amsterdam) media and web artist < www.jodi.org > .
    • Alla Mitrofanova (St. Petersburg) art curator and media philosopher.
    • Steven Kurtz (Chicago) member of the media/art activists group Critical Art Ensemble.

    Hosted by Geert Lovink (Amsterdam) Centre for Tactical Media.

    At 2:30pm to 5:00pm, Thursday 18th January