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Dean Holden

Senior FE Developer

Søren Birkemeyer

Fixing the interwebs, one bug at a time.

Régis Kuckaertz

Half web developer, half web designer, half writer. bio from Twitter

Paul Duncan

Web Developer. English Softball Player. Punk and Ukulele Musician. Ex-Panda Keeper.

Ross Bruniges

Beer enthusiast. Mozilla web developer.

Emily Heath

UX Architect and Content Strategy advocate working at the BBC in Salford. Acroyogi by night. Views expressed here are mine. bio from Twitter

John Greenaway

Head of development at Cardiff Uni. Bit like cat herding. Not John Carmack. bio from Twitter

becky jennings

Interaction/UX web designer @whiteoctober. Loves typography, pens, road trips, baking and Scandinavia. bio from Twitter

Marko Dugonjić

UX director, designer, author, speaker, lifehacker. Editor at smashingmagazine.com. Founded creativenights.com, typetester.org, uiworkshops.com and ffwd.pro.

James Lindeman

Designer & Web Developer bio from Twitter

Jamie Curle

desdevopoler, educator, athlete and django specialist on a quest to become a well rounded human being. Join me. There's fresh bread almost everyday. bio from Twitter

Barry Bloye

Tea drinker extraordinaire (and Web Developer) bio from Twitter

Antony Kennedy

Web Standards/Accessibility Advocate, Published Author, Drum & Bass DJ / Producer. My views do not represent those of my employer. bio from Twitter

Henrik Kraft

Working at Nansen, passionate about the web and building an awesome company. bio from Twitter

David Roessli

Designing websites at the speed of life at https://www.cybmed.com and enjoying it

Gareth Rushgrove

Developer, occasional sysadmin, general web, programming and technology geek and curator of Devops Weekly. Currently at @puppetlabs

Graham Gilchrist

Web development and design, shiny tech and other geekery bio from Twitter

Mathias Hellquist

Head of Service Design & User Experience at Tieto by day. Photographer by night. Architect Of The Apocalypse, Father, Geek, Guitarist and Headbanger all hours. bio from Twitter

Ben Wong

Code and ball. That's what I do. bio from Twitter

Greg Annandale

Nomadic web developer at @CodeClub (a subsidiary of the @Raspberry_Pi Foundation). Also cyclist, adventurer & photographer. Instagram: http://instagram.com/greg_a bio from Twitter

Naomi Atkinson

Designer, illustrator, and retailer. Passionate about brand, the web, and never says no to tea.

Richard Rutter

Cofounder of Clearleft. Designer of digital things and self-styled web typography evangelist.

Søren Birkemeyer

I work and play at webfactory bio from Twitter

Andy Dennis

I help people consider and create things. Mostly close to glowing rectangles. Often near the sea or some hills. bio from Twitter


Likes photography, geocaching and messing about on the web bio from Twitter


Order coupled with pleasing decoration.

This person is involved with this event.

front-end development lead for @govuk & @gdsteam [ why i unfollowed you http://tinyurl.com/b7fnq27 ]

Sam Hardacre

Web designer and lead front-end developer by day. Movie nerd. Artist - @skinnydrawnboy. Husband of @pooisa and proud father bio from Twitter

David Hughes

Contrarian bio from Twitter

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7th8th June 2007

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