Sessions at Open Source Developers' Conference 2007 about Failure

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Wednesday 28th November 2007

  • An Illustrated History of Failure

    by Paul Fenwick

    The average individual is given little scope for failure, at least not the type that really matters. The opportunity for catastrophic failure, that influences nations or continents, has been traditionally reserved for royalty, parliament, and others in a position of great leadership.

    However in recent times we have developed a profession who have the opportunity to fail like never before. A profession that can make mistakes that are so monumental, so wide-reaching, and so costly they can shake civilization to its very core. This elite group, rarely seen by every day society, are the foundation upon which modern society depends. The few, the proud, the Software Developer.

    Join us for a voyage of discovery, as we travel back through history to some of the most monumental failures the world has ever seen.

    At 7:00pm to 10:00pm, Wednesday 28th November