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  • Closing all the doors

    by Johnny Thompson

    Johnny Thompson, from The Great Tomsoni and Co. will talk about: “Closing all the doors” Or the importance of reducing all potential explanations to nothing but magic

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  • Disguising one action as another

    by Teller

    Teller, of Penn & Teller, will discuss the mechanisms of: “Disguising one action as another” Such as the difference between motion and action (“Action is motion with a purpose”)

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  • Implying data that isn’t there

    by James Randi

    James Randi, aka The Amaz!ng Randi, and Founder of the James Randi Foundation will present: “Implying data that isn’t there” Or how an audience can be lulled into eagerly accepting suggestions and unspoken information

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  • It’s a bad idea to do the same trick twice

    by Mac King

    Mac King, headliner at Harrah's on The Strip, will speak about why: “It’s a bad idea to do the same trick twice” And why magicians never announce their tricks in advance

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