Sessions at Accessibility 2.0 with write-up

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  • Making Twitter Tweet

    by Steve Faulkner

    Understanding the limitations and requirements of user’s (user’s with disabilities) of assistive technology such as screen readers. How does their use affect user’s abilities to interact successfully with WEB 2.0 technologies? How can designers and developers take into account the needs of users with disabilities. Developing solutions using current (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and emerging standards (WAI- ARIA accessible rich internet applications).

  • Open Data – Keynote Presentation

    by Jeremy Keith

    There is a growing trend towards open data. The idea of information being stored at a single resource is eroding. Instead, the data we publish is increasingly portable and subscribable. This bodes well for accessibility (and more broadly, universality). Instead of relying on individual points of publishing that can so easily become bottlenecks to accessibility, the Web is turning into a sea of information with the same data available in multiple formats or mashed up in unexpected ways. Information wants to be free ...and anthropomorphised. Is this a utopian vision of power to the people or is this the inevitable result of network effects?