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Monday 15th September 2008

  • Best-practice solutions for common Ajax use-cases with Prototype

    by Christophe Porteneuve

    These use cases drop in time and again: checkbox lists; live login validation; dynamic form rows; server-side processing progress indicators; list reordering using drag and drop; and more… As always, there are a lot of terrible ways to achieve those, several decent ones, and precious few really good takes. This session will review several such use cases and detail various ways to implement them, contrasting the ugly and the beautiful, showing useful reflexes and rules of thumb, with a special focus on performance and maintenance.

    At 10:50am to 11:50am, Monday 15th September

  • Wireframing Ajax Interactions

    by Richard Rutter

    Modern, cutting-edge web sites and applications have exposed a demand for richer, more nuanced forms of interaction, posing new challenges for today's designers and developers. This session will examine how wireframing - one of the user experience designer's most readily used tools - is evolving to meet these demands.

    The creation of modern web applications involves designing intricate patterns, such as state-change and ajax-like behaviour. These designs need to be documented and user-tested quickly and efficiently. Using real-world examples, this session will show how wireframes, in the form of non-functional HTML prototypes, can be the ideal solution to both design and documentation. It will demonstrate how JavaScript frameworks can enable designers to create interactive wireframes which communicate more effectively with both clients and developers. Wireframing and prototyping have long been the lynchpin of user experience design. This talk will demonstrate why, with a little evolution, this is still the case.

    At 10:50am to 11:50am, Monday 15th September

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Tuesday 16th September 2008

  • Taming The Beast: Managing Complexity In Ajax Applications

    by Dan Webb

    Web applications are often complex beasts but when you introduce Ajax into the mix things can get really out of control. This session will help you unravel the wires of your application and reveal techniques and tools to keep your Ajax heavy applications simple, maintainable and robust. It will cover managing the state between client and server, ways of writing maintainable JavaScript, performance considerations, common client/server interaction patterns and taking advantage of server and client-side frameworks.

    You will come away with a set of best practices for developing Ajax applications but also knowing when to break the rules.

    At 11:50am to 12:50pm, Tuesday 16th September

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