Sessions at EuroIA 2008 on Saturday 27th September

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  • Taking the 'Ooh!' out of Google – Getting site search right for news

    by Martin Belam

    Ask any average user to perform a task on the Internet, and the chances are that they will start by tapping a couple of words into Google. The search engine giant has become the 'map of the Internet' that everybody seems to use to navigate.

    But if 'everything starts with Google', where does that leave site search? This is a particular problem for news providers. Google's universal results already include the latest news, and the Google News product is gaining in popularity - ranked as the fourth most 'trusted' news source in the US, even though it is simply an algorithm.

    The challenge, therefore, for news organisations, is to deliver a site search service that offers something more than Google can. They need to offer features that take advantage of a better mapping of their own content, and an understanding of their own audience. And they need to get the results right - every single time.

    Looking at a wide range of European broadcasters and newspaper publishers including Kathimerini, ORF, Corriere della Sera, El Pais, The Guardian and the BBC, this presentation shows how news providers are using their site search facilities to differentiate themselves from the ubiquitous Google search box.

    The presentation includes insights from real life user-testing sessions within news organisations, and explains how search log and search usage analytics can help a news provider determine the set of search features and UI priorities that they should be delivering to their users.

    At 11:00am to 11:30am, Saturday 27th September

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