The mobile user is always right--to be annoyed

A session at Øredev 2008

Thursday 20th November, 2008

12:00am to 12:00am (CET)

Oskar Lissheim-Boethius, 43 Actions/OLB Productions, Sweden
Oskar Lissheim-Boethius is an independent developer, user interaction designer, consultant and international software collaborator for Web 2.0, Ruby on Rails, Mac and iPhone development. He has many years experience in the fields of interaction design, web design and development, and user interface patterns. He is currently working part-time on his mobile application project "43 Actions"; a both web-based and SDK-based iPhone application for creating advanced to-do lists and organizing one's personal workflow according to Getting Things Done(tm) (GTD) patterns.
Oskar is also heavily involved in the fields of Music and Media Production, and has a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Classical and Computer Based Composition from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and the Freiburg Musikhochschule in Germany.
The mobile user is always right--to be annoyed.
The mobile internet has failed. Through years of trying to compress the internet into a mobile version, a "baby internet" (to quote a famous Apple executive); through obsolete buzzwords such as J2ME, Flash Lite and WAP; we have still seen very little progress--and even less interest and actual usage from our customers--in this sector. This talk won't be about the past, however. It will be about the future.
The future is in using the same web standards for all internet content (i.e. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, REST APIs, SQLite, etc.) regardless of the target platform. This approach gathers strength through solid foundations and broad interoperability. The refrigerator talking to the online grocery store or the Mercedes informing your phone about its location and security status becomes not only a reality, but a trivial hack, when every device contains a tiny web server, an IPv6 address, Bonjour (ZeroConf, local and wide-area discovery protocol), and WiFi.
The future is about a new way to think about the mobile web, mobile applications and the new user interaction paradigm it brings along. A paradigm which Apple helped reevaluate and revolutionize with its iPhone. This new paradigm pertains equally to web applications and native applications utilizing the cloud.
In this talk I will touch on new ways to think about how to create applications where the user interaction is tailored to mobile users--users who are always distracted, always on the go, and always furiously annoyed (and rightly so!) when something doesn't work as expected or is too cumbersome to use in a mobile environment.
We discuss the need to use and beat the crap out of your own applications; both to put ourselves in the user's shoes, but also as a way to discover the need for new features--or less. Where do we get peeved off, and what can we do about it?
We discuss what can be done to make the interface of our applications disappear, leaving the user to finish the task quickly and move on. How do we design mobile apps without the need for documentation? How do we design as simple and straightforward as possible without compromising power?
As a famous Leonardo once said, "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Designing good user interaction is 2^42 harder than designing bad. The Agile Development Manifesto and Getting Real book acts as guiding lights in this regard.
In a closing section we will look to a distant (or perhaps not so distant) future and discuss technical and philosophical advances particularly related to the new era of iPhone class devices. What does the future hold in store--a future where science-fiction ideas become reality over lunch. (Note to self: is the iPhone the first Tricorder class device?)
This talk is rated FO-17: content is guaranteed to offend someone.

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Oskar Boethius Lissheim

Lead developer iOS at Soundtrack Your Brand, Stockholm. Product Designer. We make Spotify for Business and Enterprise.

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Øredev 2008

Sweden Sweden, Malmo

17th21st November 2008

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Date Thu 20th November 2008

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