Scotch on the Rocks 2008 attendee directory

Jan van Hellemond

Full-stack web developer @frontlab, organiser @FronteersConf, Pythonista, real estate novelist, jaywalker, jive talker.

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Neil Middleton

Engineer at Heroku based in the UK

Andy Allan

CEO of Fuzzy Orange. Guitar Hero God. Trainer of Badgers.

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Jason Delmore

Jason Delmore is the Director of Technology for FirstComp Insurance, a subsidiary of Markel. Jason has spent the past 15 years working in software development. bio from Twitter

Simon Whatley

Experience designer, creative technologist, thinker, tinkerer, observer of people, maker of things.

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Kai Koenig

Building web/app stuff from NZ w. CFML, JS, Golang, Kotlin & others. Husband of @blauerpunto. Also fly planes & play Nintendo 3DS (Friend code:4613-9999-2913)

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