Sessions at Dutch PHP Conference 2009 on Saturday 13th June

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  • Trees in the Database: Advanced Data Structures

    by Lorenzo Alberton

    Storing tree structures in a bi-dimensional table has always been problematic. The simplest tree models are usually quite inefficient, while more complex ones aren't necessarily better. In this talk I briefly go through the most used models (adjacency list, materialized path, nested sets) and introduce some more advanced ones belonging to the nested intervals family (Farey algorithm, Continued Fractions, and other encodings). I describe the advantages and pitfalls of each model, some proprietary solutions (e.g. Oracle's CONNECT BY) and one of the SQL Standard's upcoming features, Common Table Expressions.

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Saturday 13th June

  • Caching for performance

    by Rob Allen

    This presentation is an introduction to caching techniques that can be used in a PHP project to increase performance. We look at a variety of caching techniques, showing practical implementations and before and after statistics. Cache storage options available and when you might use one over another will be covered and we also address how to get browsers to cache content for us.

    On Saturday 13th June