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  • CSS Systems for writing maintainable CSS

    by Natalie Downe

    CSS is a simple mechanism for adding styles to web documents. And CSS System is a reusable set of markup patterns and CSS expressing a website’s design. So that’s all nice and straightforward then, yes?

    No actually. Far from being an idle stroll in the park, CSS development is a bloody battleground of browser turf wars, each gang having it’s own laws which, if not followed, will quickly lead you into very dangerous territory. In the ‘Bloods & Crips’ world of CSS dev, if you don’t style up streetwise muy rapido, you gittin’ popped in yo @$$ bred!

    Nobody knows the tuff streets of South Central CSS better than Natalie ‘Missy’ Downe. She down wi’ Clearleft – Brighton’s gangstas of accessibility an’ usability – an’ knows her FF3 from her NN4 from her IE6.

    Missy Downe’s CSS System recognize up-front planning, loose coupling between CSS & markup, and overall robustness, takin’ a straight .45 to dem browser bugs. It also incorporates a shared vocabulary for developers to communicate intent. Sit back an’ chill, as our sista elaborates on dis $Ω¡†. She’ll show you tricks and styles that’ll mark you up as alive and fightin’ in the browser wars.

    It ain’t nuthin’ but a C-and-double-S thang baby! Don’t get dissed in the ‘hood: stay one step ahead of the game by cockin’ your piece and gunning for Upcoming and Natalie ‘Missy’ Down right now.

    We be pimpin’ it!

    (Written by Flash Brighton, not Natalie http://dotbrighton.org/?p=217 )