Sessions at JSConf EU 2009 with slides on Sunday 8th November

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  • Wakanda: a new end-to-end JavaScript platform (SquirrelFish), with remote JS debugging, JS/REST database

    by Jean-Michel Biraghi and Alexandre Morgaut

    Wakanda is an exciting project including a server, a studio, and some useful Web tools. It helps you creating web apps that integrate nicely with a backend and a native REST and JavaScript database. It makes REST and Entity Model, a very intuitive way to build applications. We'll see a quick but detailed rundown about its architecture: its database engine, SquirrelFish, a data provider, Ajax framework adapters (YUI, ExtJS, jQuery, ...), and a full development environment. I'll expose part of its client and server-side APIs (JSON-RPC, data services), and some innovating features like JavaScript remote debugging, or unit testing on JavaScript and HTTP using Wakanda Studio and Firefox extensions.

    At 4:15pm to 5:00pm, Sunday 8th November

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