Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2009 about HTTP

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Wednesday 17th June 2009

  • Web Server Shootout

    by Michael Schurter

    Apache is no longer the only sensible open source web server choice. Lighttpd and Nginx, as well as a number of other contenders, have become popular and blogs are littered with quick & dirty benchmarks _proving_ which server is supreme. With a myriad of languages, platforms, and deployment options, there's very little way to tell which combination is right for your specific needs.

    This presentation will measure a number of environments on a wide variety of metrics:


    • Requests per second (of course)
    • Memory usage
    • Features (extensibility, modularity, etc)
    • Community (support options, tools/modules available, etc)
    • Portability
    • Reliability (can I crash it? how well does it handle load?)
    • Administration (floods of patches? hideous configuration?)

    *Web Servers*

    • Apache (prefork and worker mpms)
    • Nginx
    • Lighttpd
    • Possibly others such as Cherokee or even proprietary options like Google App Engine and IIS.

    Benchmarking static files isn't really useful to anyone, so I'll test as many of the servers on as many of the following frameworks and applications as possible:

    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Bugzilla, Redmine, and Trac
    • trivial Django app
    • trivial Ruby on Rails app
    • trivial Zend Framework app

    Please feel free to "leave suggestions for other applications, frameworks, and environments that I should make sure to include!":http://michael.susens-schurter.com/blog/2009/03/29/crowdsourcing-my-os-bridge-talk-proposal/

    For more details as I run the tests to make my presentation you may want to follow the "osbridge tag on my blog.":http://michael.susens-schurter.com/blog/tag/osbridge/

    At 5:00pm to 5:45pm, Wednesday 17th June

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Thursday 18th June 2009

  • Is the Web Down: a Practical Tutorial on How the Web Works

    by Joshua Keroes and Schwern

    Most users have only a vague idea of how the web works. They click on a link and their precious pictures of baby zoo animals come up... somehow. Something about HTTP or HTML... there's a server somewhere... and some magic rainbow ponies to carry all the data around. Without knowing how it works, you can't solve even the most basic problems. This is why you'll hear other people ask, "is Google down for anyone else?"

    We'll explain it all. You'll learn enough to know how it all works and what might have broken. We'll explain how your web browser talks to web servers, how web pages show up on your screen, and what you can do to take control of your browser. How your computer knows what server to talk to and how the Internet gets information from point A to point B without anyone "owning" the Internet. We'll explain lots of acronyms you might have heard before and what they do: HTML, HTTP, DNS, TCP, and UDP all on the PDQ with extra TLC and a touch of LOL to boot.

    After this talk you'll have a broad understanding of how the web and its plumbing works.

    At 1:45pm to 2:30pm, Thursday 18th June

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