Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2009 about SQL

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Thursday 18th June 2009

  • Building a SQL Database That Works

    by fuzzychef

    Application developers and programmers everywhere need SQL databases, but find their actual database an albatross. Data is duplicated, hard to find, or missing. Performance is terrible. And you find yourself writing too much SQL and not your chosen language. ORMs promised to take this pain away, but, well ... nice try.

    As a developer, what you really need are some simple recipes for how to think about designing your SQL databases so that they are simple, maintainable, expandable and easy to troubleshoot. I’ll introduce some easy basic rules hard-learned over 15 years of SQL database design and how to avoid some of the most common simple mistakes which take dozens of hours to fix in production.
    Content will include:

    • Data modeling for normal humans
    • The Atomic Age
    • Where are my keys?
    • The embarrassment of premature optimization
    • Data extensibility and EAVil

    Slides are available at http://www.pgexperts.com/present...

    At 11:20am to 12:05pm, Thursday 18th June

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