Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2009 about Yoga

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Wednesday 17th June 2009

  • Get Off Your Asana and Move!

    by Sherri Montgomery

    In technology the body is often thought of as merely a vehicle for the brain. We tend to be so intensely focused upon the tasks of the brain that the body is often ignored until problems such as carpal tunnel, neck, shoulder and back pain arise. When the thinking and physical "bodies" are integrated we find that the system as a whole is more efficient. Hatha Yoga provides a path to help not only the mind and body function fluidly together, but it is also a means to care for the whole body before problems arise.

    Yoga does not require complicated props or a special place to practice it. Breathing and physical postures can be done anytime, anywhere. Postures and breath practice do not require that anyone be able to bend into complicated positions or hold their breath for a long time. Practice can be simple, easy and restorative and a short practice, even at a desk between phone calls, may bring lasting benefits.

    This is a yoga workshop for anyone who sits and works on computers a lot. You will learn breathing exercises and physical postures that can be done at anytime to help maintain a healthy body and clear mind. Suggestions will be included for how to modify stretches to protect injuries and provide gentle opening.

    At 6:15pm to 7:00pm, Wednesday 17th June

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