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  • Building Open-Source Desktop Apps with the Titanium Platform

    by Marshall Culpepper and Martin Robinson

    Titanium is a truly open-source alternative to Adobe AIR, allowing developers to use their existing knowledge of rich web application technologies – JavaScript, Python, Ruby, HTML and CSS – to build desktop applications.

    In this presentation, we will:

    • introduce the Titanium platform and the technology/people behind it
    • demonstrate the power and features of the Titanium API
    • look at WebKit's power with CSS3 transformations, slick canvas support, and built-in vector graphics
    • show the inherit reusability of code by combining JavaScript, Python, Ruby
    • go through creation of a simple desktop application from start to finish

    Attendees should have a decent understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Knowledge of Python and Ruby are optional. We will leverage a number of open source web libraries, mainly at high levels to demonstrate the best of breed technologies that are reusable in Titanium.

    At 1:45pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 17th June

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