Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2009 about software freelancing and Version Control with notes

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Wednesday 17th June 2009

  • Open Source Tools for Freelancers

    by Christie Koehler Ⓥ

    After nearly two years of full-time freelancing, I have learned a lot about maintaining my own website, making backups, managing version control, keeping track of time spent on projects, and invoicing tools. Come to this session where I will share much of what I've learned and present open source tools I have found essential for successful freelancing.

    Topics covered:

    • How to choose among shared/virtual/dedicated/cloud hosting options.
    • Simple, effective options for making regular, local and off-site backups.
    • Painless ways to utilize version control.
    • Simple time-tracking and invoicing tools.

    At 11:20am to 12:05pm, Wednesday 17th June

    Coverage note