Sessions at Open Source Bridge 2009 about Government and civics and Marketing on Wednesday 17th June

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  • Work for the Government for Fun and Profit

    by Deb Bryant

    Government consumes lots of technology, and the benefits to using it in the public sector may seem intuitively obvious. But what if you own a small business or are an independent developer/contractor? Can the little guy do business with a big bureaucracy? This session will provide:

    • An overview of where open source is being used in government today
    • Why government needs your skills (or is just about to find out they do)
    • The culture of government procurement
    • Government government procurement systems nutshell
    • A brief introduction to Hoops (as in the ones you’ll need to jump through)
    • Ideas that can get you working on government projects

    This talk is designed to help you decide if providing open source “products” or services to the government is something that makes sense for you. It will also serve as general enlightenment on where the government stands today on their uptake on open source and where some of the challenges remain.

    At 5:00pm to 5:45pm, Wednesday 17th June

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