Sessions at OSCON 2009 on Tuesday 21st July

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  • Django in the Real World

    by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    There’s plenty of material (documentation, blogs, books) out there that’ll help you write a site using Django… but then what? You’ve still got to test, deploy, monitor, and tune the site; failure at deployment time means all your beautiful code is for naught.

    This tutorial examines how best to cope when the Real World intrudes on your carefully designed website. I’ll cover:

    • How to structure your code, dependancies, and development environment with an eye towards ease of deployment.
    • The different ways you should be testing and verifying your code.
    • How best to design staging and production environments.
    • Tools to automate deployment to production clusters (Capistrano, Fabric), and ways to produce isolated repeatable deployments (virtualenv, pip, zc.buildout).
    • Designing and configuring application servers (mod_python/mod_wsgi) and load distribution (nginx, perlbal).
    • Database load balancing options (sharding vs. replication) and tools.
    • Monitoring and logging sites in production.
    • Performance tuning, including caching, profiling, and getting the best performance out of application and database servers.

    Along the way, I’ll discuss what’s behind some of sites I’ve got in production right now, especially the problems I ran into and how we solved them. I’ll also critique any production environments tutorial attendees would like to share with us.

    This talk is designed for developers and system administrators who deploy Python-based web applications. I expect attendees to have a familiarity with Python, but much of the material will not be language specific, so those without Python experience should be able to following along.

    In a similar vein, this talk will focus on Django, but the material could be useful to anyone looking to deploy web applications based on dynamic languages.

    At 1:30pm to 12:30pm, Tuesday 21st July

  • Doing Perl Right

    by Jacinta Richardson and Paul Fenwick

    You already know some Perl. You’ve read a book, written a few scripts, maybe even a module, but are you sure you’re doing it right? Languages and techniques evolve over time, and Perl is no exception.

    This detailed tutorial will cover many of the best modern and practical techniques in Perl, including:

    • How to start your project on the right foot, and without repeating yourself.
    • How to use Moose for flexible object oriented design, including inheritance, roles, types and coercion.
    • How to simplify your error handling code with autodie, even when using your own exception classes.
    • How to profile your code with Devel::NYTProf, and examine your test suite coverage with Devel::Cover.
    • How to bundle your code and dependencies with PAR, the Perl Archiver.
    • How to gain feedback and enforce coding standards with Perl::Critic.

    Join internationally acclaimed speaker Paul Fenwick, and White Camel Award winner Jacinta Richardson, as they examine some of the best modern Perl techniques you can use today.

    A knowledge of Perl’s basic language features is assumed.

    At 1:30pm to 1:30pm, Tuesday 21st July

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