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Christopher Schmitt

The Internet's Christopher Schmitt. The 6’7” VP of Publishing @FrontendMasters, @UXDesignLinks curator, int'l speaker, and @NBSPtv host. bio from Twitter

Ryan Joy

Web dev. Love JavaScript. Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft. Living in Austin, Texas. Co-Organizer of Refresh Austin. Sometimes photographer. Tweets are my own.

Ludvik Herrera

Surround yourself with amazing people, you'll be happy and awesome! I like design and radical collaboration. At times, I like to manipulate and capture light.

Ryan Rumsey

Dad. Husband. LFC. Director, Experience Design @EA; Formerly at former places. bio from Twitter

Connor Sears

Designer at GitHub. I @goratchet. Formerly at Twitter, Pinterest, and ZURB. I bless the rains down in Africa.

Nichelle Stephens

Co-Founder of @cupcakeblog. Social Media Strategist, TV Tweeter.

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Sam Kapila
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molly w steenson

Cities, architecture, data, information, the digital—and 20 years of experience

Geoff Harcourt

Tech entrepreneur in DC. Founder of Five Tool Development (@fivetooldev).

Jason Beaird

UX Designer at PowerDMS and author of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

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Steve Fisher

Content nerd-herder, UX do-gooder, design fanatic. I discover & design content & user experiences. Founder of @dcontentconf & @RofQuality bio from Twitter

Charlene Zvolanek

i like to share ideas. take some and do great things with them.

Kevin Hale

Partner at Y Combinator. Founded Wufoo.

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Nick Finck

Senior Manager of User Experience at Amazon Web Services. Int'l speaker, IXDA Champion, & Webby judge. Formerly: Digital Web Mag, Blue Flavor, & WASP Curriculum bio from Twitter

Jim Caruso

Global Technology Evangelist

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Caryl Shaw

Sr. Producer @ EA/Maxis

larissa meek

Creative Director @bgtpartners, custom Munny lover and artist at heart. Proud single mom of toddler twins. bio from Twitter

John Yuda

Redesigning the government. bio from Twitter

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Ryan McMinn

I live in sunny Seattle and spend my time riding bikes and chaperoning XBox Music. bio from Twitter

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David J. Neff

Author of the Book " The Future of Nonprofits"

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deb schultz

technology changes: humans don't

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John Resig

Creator of jQuery, JavaScript programmer, author, Japanese woodblock nerd (http://ukiyo-e.org), work at Khan Academy.

Scott McCaughey

Web Designer and Front-End Developer

Jenifer Hanen

Creator.Maker : mobile+web : design+dev : photos+text bio from Twitter

Sean Blanda

Editor: @behance & @99u. Co-founder of @TechnicallyM, @phillytechweek & @TechnicallyPHL. Obnoxious Philly sports fan. bio from Twitter

Sameer Vasta

Flâneur, storyteller, serial letter-writer, hopeless romantic, hugger extraordinaire. I laugh. A lot. bio from Twitter

Gary Sherman

Crusader against mediocrity, imbiber of vino, junkie of technology, student of the 6-string, lover of the roar of an American V8.

Paul Thrasher

Making Dogs' Websites bio from Twitter

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