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Scott Gruber

Designer and developer at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Lynn Fisher

Living each day like it's Pizza Day.

Peter J. Hart

UX Dev at @executetowin / Gangplanker at heart. Retweets are not endorsements, so far bio from Twitter


Developing museum websites. Being mobile. Hanging by the beach. bio from Twitter

Mauricio Herrera

Web Strategies Specialist @mentanetwork

Troy Whiteley

Front end developer at Discovery bio from Twitter

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Andy Clarke

Designer, author and speaker bio from Twitter

Kye Hittle

Tall lover of ATX, tech, running, music, logic, friends, reading, swagger coach. Nonprofit Director of IT for @BetaThetaPi.

Nelly Mercado

Graphic/web designer. Mefite. 日本語が少し話せる。 Mis proyectos: http://entutele.com http://entucine.com

Ryan Green

User Experience Advocate, Interactive Designer, Front-End Dev bio from LinkedIn

Ryan Ricketts

SEO Program Manager and Digital Marketer

Jenn Lukas

UI architect, speaker, co-host @noyougoshow Podcast, GirlDevelopIt, Skillshare teacher http://skl.sh/19vHgP1, http://thenerdary.net, http://ladiesintech.com bio from Twitter

Aaron Irizarry

Director of User Experience at Nasdaq

Geri Coady

Colour-obsessed freelance illustrator and web designer. Author of Pocket Guide to Colour Accessibility from Five Simple Steps. http://dribbble.com/hellogeri

Keith Chu

Web Design Engineer & Culture Hacker @ Square

Kevin Thompson

Marketing Engineer at @LitmusApp, host of @FullStackTalks, caffeine-fueled autodidact, gamer, husband, and father of two beautiful little girls. bio from Twitter

Derek Reynolds

Making the internet at http://diy.org! bio from Twitter

Bayard Saunders

Mobile & Social Media - Marketing & PR - 615.866.2340 bio from Twitter

Anthony Green

Anthony Green: working in technology, web development and branding, within the hospitality industry bio from Twitter

Patti Fantaske

Web developer and Web event organizer at Penn State. [Username came from former boss, I hated webmaster and joked webczar preferable. It stuck]. bio from Twitter


I'm what you call a digital tagger. Throwing tags all over the place! bio from Twitter

Luke Dorny

Look, sir. Jaded Zombies!!! Designer @Newsvine Visual Futurist: @butterlabel bio from Twitter

Mike Pond

Dad of three lovely girls, software developer, mediocre guitar player bio from Twitter

Rob Tarr

husband, dad, web developer

Stephen Anderson

Designer, speaker & consultant. I created @getmentalnotes & wrote the book Seductive Interaction Design. I’m also a bit of a maverick and a foodie (unrelated) bio from Twitter

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Ethan Marcotte
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Jeffrey Zeldman

A List Apart, An Event Apart, A Book Apart, Designing With Web Standards, The Big Web Show, School of Visual Arts, studio.zeldman

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Dan Cederholm

Co-Founder of Dribbble. Designer, author & speaker at SimpleBits. Likes ampersands & banjos. bio from Twitter

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Aarron Walter

Director of UX at MailChimp, author of Designing for Emotion. bio from Twitter

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