An Event Apart San Diego 2010 schedule

Monday 1st November 2010

  • Web 2.1: The Medium Comes of Age

    by Jeffrey Zeldman

    Webkit-powered smartphones like iPhone and Droid have come along at precisely the moment when HTML5, CSS3, and web fonts are ready for action; when standards-based web development is no longer relegated to the fringe; and when web designers, no longer content to merely decorate screens, are crafting provocative, multi-platform experiences powered by research, strategy, and years of social media know-how. Zeldman kicks off AEA by studying the thinking and inventions that led to the web, and showing why we stand at the dawn of a newer, more mature, more ubiquitous web, powered by standards.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Monday 1st November

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  • DIY UX: Give Your Users an Upgrade

    by Whitney Hess

    Have you fallen in love with your solution and forgotten the original problem? Are you certain that your product actually makes people’s lives better? Not every company can hire someone like me to help you listen to your users, so you’re gonna have to learn how to do some of this stuff yourself. I’ll show you techniques to find out who your users are, what they really need and how to go about giving it to them in an easy to use and pleasurable way. And it doesn’t have to bankrupt you or kill your release date.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Monday 1st November

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  • The CSS3 Experience

    by Dan Cederholm

    In a fast-paced hour of design ideas and techniques, learn how advanced CSS and CSS3 can add richness to your site’s experience layer, and discover the role CSS3 can play in enhancing interactivity.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Monday 1st November

  • Mobile First!

    by Luke Wroblewski

    More often than not, the mobile experience for a web application or site is designed and built after the PC version is complete. Learn the three reasons web applications should be designed for mobile first instead: mobile is exploding; mobile forces you to focus; and mobile extends your capabilities.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Monday 1st November

  • Message and Medium: Better Content by Design

    by Kristina Halvorson

    Designing for multichannel content delivery (mobile, anyone?) means an entirely new set of considerations and challenges for web professionals everywhere. Unfortunately for content creators, it’s nearly impossible to predict whether their writing will maintain impact and readability across each and every platform. But forget about the medium for a minute; it’s the message that matters most. We’ll learn how to identify your key business messages, how they inform your content strategy, and how they impact multi-channel content development and design.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Monday 1st November

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  • Anatomy of a Design Decision

    by Jared Spool

    What separates a good design from a bad design are the decisions that the designer made. Jared will explore the five styles of design decisions, showing you when gut instinct produces the right results and when designers need to look to more user-focused research.

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Monday 1st November

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Tuesday 2nd November 2010

  • Everything Old Is New Again

    by Eric A. Meyer

    Faux columns. Sliding doors. Image replacement. We rely on these techniques on a near-daily basis, but how will they be affected by the expanding vocabulary of CSS3? Will they be reworked, slimmed down, or abandoned altogether? An Event Apart cofounder and CSS mastermind Eric Meyer pulls some old standbys out of the toolbox and applies the capabilites of CSS3 to see how they can be made leaner, meaner, and more powerful.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Tuesday 2nd November

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  • Paranormal Interactivity

    by Jeremy Keith

    Interaction is the secret sauce of the web. Understanding interaction is key to understanding the web as its own medium—it’s not print, it’s not television, and it’s certainly not the desktop. Find out how to wield HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to craft experiences that are native to the web.

    At 10:15am to 11:15am, Tuesday 2nd November

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  • Learning To Love Humans—Emotional Interface Design

    by Aarron Walter

    Humans, though cute and cuddly, are not without their flaws, which makes it a challenge to design for them. By understanding how the wet, mushy processor works in these hairy little devils, you can design interfaces and web experiences that will have them hopelessly devoted to your brand.Aarron will introduce you to the emotional usability principle—a design axiom that identifies a strong connection between human emotion and perceived usability. Through real-world examples, you’ll learn practical interface design techniques that will make your sites and applications more engaging to the humans they serve.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Tuesday 2nd November

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  • Hardboiled Web Design

    by Andy Clarke

    Take an uncompromising look at how to make the most from modern design tools and browsers, up-to-date techniques and processes. In this practical, design-focused talk, Andy will discuss the “how” as well as the “why,” and challenge your preconceptions to help you make better work for the web. Learn the most modern, forward-moving, and sometimes experimental CSS techniques, and why a forward looking approach to CSS will pay real dividends.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Tuesday 2nd November

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  • A Dao of Flexibility

    by Ethan Marcotte

    “The Way is shaped by use, but then the shape is lost.” Our sites are accessed by an increasing array of devices and browsers, and our users deserve a quality experience no matter how large (or small) their display. Are our designs ready? Explore sites that think beyond the desktop and have successfully adapted to their users’ habits. Ethan will also discuss how bring an extra level of craftsmanship to our page layouts, and revisit popular CSS techniques in this ever-changing environment.

    At 3:15pm to 4:15pm, Tuesday 2nd November

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  • How the Web Works

    by Jeff Veen

    Turns out that the fundamental principles that led to the success of the web will lead you there, too. Drawing on 15 years of web design and development experience, Jeff will take you on a guided tour of what makes things work on this amazing platform we’re all building together. You’ll learn how to stop selling ice, why web browsers work the way they do, and where Rupert Murdoch can put his business model.

    At 4:30pm to 5:30pm, Tuesday 2nd November