Sessions at @media 2010 with audio on Tuesday 8th June

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  • All the small things - a microcopy primer

    by Relly Annett-Baker

    At 1:30am to 2:20am, Tuesday 8th June

  • Even faster web sites

    by Steve Souders

    Web 2.0 is adding more and more content to our pages, especially features that are implemented in Ajax. But our web applications are evolving faster than the browsers that they run in. We don’t have to rely on or wait for the release of new browsers to make our web applications faster. In this session, Steve Souders discusses web performance best practices from his second book, Even Faster Web Sites. These time-​​saving techniques are used by the world’s most popular web sites to create a faster user experience, increase revenue, and reduce operating costs. Steve provides technical details about reducing the pain of JavaScript, as well as secrets for making your page load faster in emerging markets where network connectivity is a challenge.

    At 2:40pm to 3:35pm, Tuesday 8th June

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