Bay area Node.js meetup attendee directory

Thomas Bassetto ☕

The Open Web is my hammer and everything looks like a nail.

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Dion Almaer

technologist, product engineer and human dev aggregator bio from Twitter

Sebastian Hammerl

Several old Palm PDAs, Pre-, Pixi+, Pre+, Pre2, HP TouchPad, Veer, Pre3, tbc

Tomomi ✿ Imura

Open web & technology, bots, cat hacks, and Internet of blings (that slightly more than LED blinks). Work at Slack @SlackAPI

This person is speaking at this event.
Tim Caswell

Lover of all things good in life, including Family, Friends, Food, and Functional Programs. Nodejs hacker and teacher. bio from Twitter

Steve Lemke

Senior Bit Twiddler at LG-SVL (though opinions expressed are mine or RTs), husband, dad of two, owner of solar-powered Nissan LEAF and Toyota RAV4-EV. bio from Twitter

Dustin Whittle

Technologist, Architect, Open Source Advocate

Scotty Logan

IT infrastructure architect/geek at a left coast .edu bio from Twitter

Lisa Brewster

I work on an open source cross-platform JavaScript framework called @EnyoJS. I shoot Polaroid.

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