BayCHI December 2010 schedule


  • All the Pages Are My Days: A Next Generation Plan for Grateful Dead Reference Works

    by Nicholas Meriwether

    A truism in the academic world is that it lags far behind industry in its adoption of new technologies, especially in the humanities, where traditional research models still drive the major disciplines. Yet for historians and literary scholars, the archival basis of their work has undergone a seismic set of changes in the last decade, driven substantially by advances in Internet-associated technologies.

    This presentation will focus on the potential of "Web 2.0" technologies in addressing longstanding humanities research questions by grounding their discussion in the Grateful Dead Archive, which poses fascinating challenges and opportunities for archivists and scholars.

    Nicholas will discuss two basic reference works being planned for the Archive, an interactive stand-alone bibliographic web site and a discography, demonstrating how these projects capitalize on emerging and established technologies to address conventional research questions in innovative ways.

  • Go with the Flow: Patterns for Onboarding and Virality in Social Interfaces

    by Erin Malone

    Designing social sites and experiences can't be done without considering the entire evolution of flow across several important facets. It's not one thing that will make or break a user's ability to engage, but rather the flow across different aspects of interaction that, when woven together, create a whole greater than the parts together.

    In this session we will explore the onboarding and viral virtuous cycles—flows—that are prevalent in the social landscape. These clusters and groups of interaction patterns and processes come together like puzzle pieces, creating rich, engaging experiences.

    In this flow we will discuss invitations, registration, welcoming, engagement, sharing and other methods which start this virtual cycle over again, with the ultimate goal of getting people into your social experience—and having them bring their friends along.

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