Sessions at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 on Saturday 16th October

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  • Ethics and Social Media Marketing

    by Patrick O'Keefe, Jeremy Wright, Brandon Eley and Jay Baer

    There are many agencies and “social media marketers” that simply take your money and post comment spam on blogs. For them, it’s a short term game, meant to impress an unknowing client with padded numbers. Meanwhile, the client is actually being hurt because they are tied to these unethical activities. Social media marketing isn’t the problem. The problem is a lack of ethics and, perhaps, of experience. In this session, community managers and agency veterans alike will come together to talk about ethical marketing in social spaces, including blogger and community outreach, how to do it right and what to look out for when considering an agency.

    At 12:15pm to 1:15pm, Saturday 16th October

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  • Building an Irresistible Private Member Community

    by Chris Garrett, Patrick O'Keefe, Jeremy Wright and Lara Kulpa

    Paid membership communities are popping up all over the place as a way to offer more exclusive content and access to people with a specific interest or goal. In order for a private membership community to succeed, you’ll need to offer the right benefits not only to entice people to join, but to ensure that they stay. That’s what we’ll focus on in this session: creating value, converting visitors to paying members and keeping them coming back month after month.

    At 3:30pm to 4:30pm, Saturday 16th October