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Kev McG

I do designing as one half of @starfishweb bio from Twitter

Derek Johnson

Afflicted by ambivalence and l'esprit de l'escalier. I mostly tweet about making websites. bio from Twitter

Dan Donald

Front-end Lead @autotraderlife, ex-@mccannmcr & BBC. Speaker & writer. Previous @mcrdig council member. Co-organiser @upfrontconf. Makes music @markof1000evils. bio from Twitter

Stuart Gibson

Web Developer with the PHPs and the SQLs and the HTMLs bio from Twitter

Jez Burrows

Designer, illustrator, woodland appreciator. Product Designer at Facebook. bio from Twitter

Christoph Zillgens

Designer (zillgensdesign.de) and book author (rwd-buch.de), blogger (christophzillgens.com), occasional bass hero (at home). bio from Twitter

Danny Turley

CEO of @performasports. User Interface and Experience Designer, and Sports Performance Analyst. bio from Twitter

Hector Simpson

Pixel pro @theriothq. Bath Rugby fan. bio from Twitter

John Ryan

Designer who makes, codes, fails, thinks, builds. Currently, studies @GradMediaDesign at @Art_Center. Also, runs @lifeformsdesign and makes @hellomountee. bio from Twitter

Clodagh Kelly

Reporting Analyst at Google, Dublin. Some of my favourite things are research, dataviz, design, the brain, snowboarding, surfing & tech events bio from Twitter

Inayaili de León

Lead Web Designer at @Canonical. Love naps. bio from Twitter

David Turner

CTO and cofounder @getinvitedto. Caffeine fuelled coder. Creator of http://simply-written.com and https://referenceit.org. bio from Twitter

Maykel Loomans

User Interface Designer at @instagram. Photographer. Originally from The Netherlands, living in San Francisco. bio from Twitter


Iain McConchie, Head of Design @theappbusiness Previously at MTV & Disney bio from Twitter

Amy Mahon

Canadian living in England. Web Designer. Cat Lover. bio from Twitter

Stewart Curry

Raised on television to believe that one day I'd be a millionaire, and a movie god, and a rock star. http://www.woop.ie/ bio from Twitter

Thomas McClure

Once described as a proper web designer. bio from Twitter

Ciara Bryans

UX designer @AirPOS. Understanding comics is my strength. Understanding chocolate is my weakness. bio from Twitter


Dublin based Digital Designer. Senior Designer @WebfactoryIRL. I take photos http://instagram.com/markwallis and Dribbble http://dribbble.com/markwallis bio from Twitter

Jack Osborne

Designer at Foursquare. bio from Twitter

David Lowry

Web developer with an interest in video production, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. bio from Twitter


Design & CSS. Contributing to @dat_project, organizing @cssconfeu, @upfront_ug, @CSSclasses.

Paddy Donnelly

Freelance Illustrator & UX Designer. Wishes Pluto was still a planet. bio from Twitter


Designer and front-end web developer. bio from Twitter

Robbie Manson

Views not my own

Nicola Jones

Senior Designer. Part of the @markboultondsg team now working with @monotype. Professional obsessor of things. Don't call. Don't make it weird. bio from Twitter

Dean Janssen

The guy with the blue eyed cat. Previously hiding under your bed. bio from Twitter

Marc Roberts

Principal and Co-Founder of Neutron Creations Ltd

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