Sessions at Code Generation about iPhone on Friday 18th June

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  • Model-Driven Software Development for the iPhone

    by Heiko Behrens and Peter Friese

    Model-driven approaches and domain-specific languages have huge potential for building large parts of iPhone applications. Based on the Eclipse Modeling Project with components such as Xtext and Xpand our solution integrates well into the Mac programming environment Xcode to assist the iPhone developer with work outside the model-driven parts.

    In this session we will demonstrate how Eclipse-based solutions can be integrated into existing tool chains outside the world of Eclipse. We will show how to create a new iPhone Application that connects to a backend system to display and edit data from the backend. We will also show which techniques can and should be used when integrating generated and manually written code in Objective-C, the native programming language for the iPhone.

    At 1:00pm to 2:15pm, Friday 18th June