cgnjs - October 2010 attendee directory

Lars Weiler

Engineer in Mechatronics, Networker, Hackspace-Consultant, former CCC hacktivist, Ham Operator, Tux- & Apple-Fanboy, Cloud Constructor, addicted to Caffeine bio from Twitter

Enes Fazli

Hi, I'm Enes. I am a freelance web developer and designer. I tweet about web design, web development, my projects, and Wordpress development. bio from Twitter

Jörn Zaefferer

Freelance consulting developer, jQuery UI and QUnit dev lead, on board of directors of the jQuery Foundation. bio from Twitter

Christian Willmes

Geography/GIScience Postdoc Researcher @UniCologne. Main interests: GIS, Geography, OpenSource, OpenData, OpenScience. http://crc806db.uni-koeln.de bio from Twitter

Jens Ohlig

My heart is a Turing machine. I do things with software, communication, and strategy at @WikimediaDE, but views are my own. Profile pic CC BY-SA @abta78 bio from Twitter

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Sebastian Deutsch

React & Rails - http://9elements.com bio from Twitter

Thomas Koch

Web Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and Software Developer #python #javascript #dojo #bscw #orbiteam bio from Twitter

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Michael Bumann

programmer, hacker, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, @africahacktrip bio from Twitter

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Oleg Podsechin

Founder of StartHQ, also do due diligence for investors.

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wesen's life in music and synth-diy bio from Twitter


Web-developer, Co-founder of Codevise Solutions, @codevise, http://codevise.de bio from Twitter

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