Sessions at ConvergeSE 2010 about User Experience on Saturday 26th June

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  • Debunking User Experience

    by Dean Schuster

    We Web development folk certainly know a thing or two about User Experience, the sum of every amazing thing we do. We fancy ourselves privileged insiders, the source of innovation, true guardians of taste and the arbiters of something called usability.

    From on high, we offer the masses precisely what they need. Us. They should be thankful we care enough to argue on their behalf about the relative merits of HTML 5 and Flash.

    Our jargon is powerful, our acronyms invincible. We understand the greater good. We think correctly. We actually feel we're doing something new. Get your intuitive website here!

    We're so very wrong.

    Come find out why, and change your mind about what you do for a living.

    At 9:30am to 10:00am, Saturday 26th June

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