ConvergeSE 2010 schedule

Friday 25th June 2010

Saturday 26th June 2010

  • Web Analytics—Tracking People and Not Just Numbers

    by Neil Patel

    There are so many analytics solutions out there (free and paid) that companies can track a lot more than they used to be able to track. Companies need to be educated on how they can use different analytics solutions to better understand the "person" behind the metric. For example, if you properly setup your Omniture account (which most companies don't do), you can find out the original referrer that caused a person to come to your website. That person may not convert the first time they visited your website. They may come back to your website 3 more times through 3 different referrers before they convert. But what you also need to understand is the original referrer that brought that person to your website and not just the last referrer that caused the conversion.

    At 9:00am to 9:30am, Saturday 26th June

  • Debunking User Experience

    by Dean Schuster

    We Web development folk certainly know a thing or two about User Experience, the sum of every amazing thing we do. We fancy ourselves privileged insiders, the source of innovation, true guardians of taste and the arbiters of something called usability.

    From on high, we offer the masses precisely what they need. Us. They should be thankful we care enough to argue on their behalf about the relative merits of HTML 5 and Flash.

    Our jargon is powerful, our acronyms invincible. We understand the greater good. We think correctly. We actually feel we're doing something new. Get your intuitive website here!

    We're so very wrong.

    Come find out why, and change your mind about what you do for a living.

    At 9:30am to 10:00am, Saturday 26th June

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  • HTML5 features and security

    by Jonathan LeBlanc

    As the new HTML 5 features are becoming integrated in browsers we are beginning to see the first glimmer of the new conventions in web development. Exploring what HTML 5 encompasses, his session is an overview of the features behind HTML 5 that will make our online lives easier and more relevant. Taking this as the base, Jonathan looks into how browser security needs to take a step forward to match the maturing standards introduced in these new specifications.

    At 10:00am to 10:30am, Saturday 26th June

  • Support Driven Development

    by Wufoo and Kevin Hale

    Kevin Hale of Wufoo.com gave us a really great talk on "Support Driven Development". Outlining how his company relies heavily on this philosophy and how it can revolutionize yours.

    At Wufoo, everyone has to wear multiple hats in thier company and that includes manning the inbox and doing customer support every single week. One of the interesting side effects of having a company where designers, developers and even the accountant has to answer support emails, is that everyone has a stake in making sure application is as easy to use as possible. They've called this approach to creating software Support Driven Development and in this talk Kevin Hale will share how this model transformed every member of their company to be dedicated to the principles of clarity and simplicity.

    At 10:45am to 11:15am, Saturday 26th June

  • Ten things every web pro should know about the law

    by Carmen Maye

    University of South Carolina School of Journalism

    Ten Things Every Web Professional Should Know About the Law. Does the law operate differently in cyberspace? This session will highlight ten key legal points about online content, including who has jurisdiction, copyright do's and don'ts, anonymity, privacy and more.

    At 11:15am to 11:45am, Saturday 26th June

  • Designing A Business

    by Matthew Smith

    Moving from freelance to the freedom of running a business that doesn't run you.

    Matthew Smith walks us through the story of a freelance career launched into a full scale web business including failures, pitfalls, humor, and a semi-regular tryst with fine ales. If you feel like freelancing has become an alternative to water-boarding, then dip into this talk and start focusing your mind on designing a business.

    At 11:45am to 12:15pm, Saturday 26th June

  • Developing iPhone and iPad apps

    by Robert Haining

    Robert will take you through the design and development process of creating innovative iPhone/iPad products at Condé Nast, having led the development efforts on various apps for Epicurious, Postcard by Concierge.com, GQ Magazine & Vanity Fair. His job consists of wearing a variety of hats from lead developer to splitting up a projects' stories/tasks across a full development team, plus working very closely with the product manager, designers, editors, sales folks, & consumer marketing to create innovative products that satisfy all of these stakeholders' criteria [and sometimes that means saying no!]

    At 1:15pm to 1:45pm, Saturday 26th June

  • Flexible Web Design: Improving Efficiency and Usability with CSS3

    by Zoe M. Gillenwater

    CSS3, the latest style sheet language, is about more than making things look pretty (though it's really good at that too). Many CSS3 techniques can reduce your development times, increase page loading speeds, improve usability, and increase the adaptability of your pages to different devices (including iPads and iPhones). Learn which pieces of CSS3 you can add to your web sites right now and how they might benefit your projects in tangible ways.

    At 1:45pm to 2:15pm, Saturday 26th June

  • Learning To Love Humans—Emotional Interface Design

    by MailChimp and Aarron Walter

    Humans, though cute and cuddly, are not without their flaws, which makes it a challenge to design for them. By understanding how the wet, mushy processor works in these hairy little devils, you can design interfaces and web experiences that will have them hopelessly devoted to your brand. Aarron will introduce you to the emotional usability principle—a design axiom that identifies a strong connection between human emotion and perceived usability. Through real-world examples, you'll learn practical interface design techniques that will make your sites and applications more engaging to the humans they serve.

    At 2:15pm to 2:45pm, Saturday 26th June

  • Get Stoked on Web Typography

    by Samantha Warren

    Typography can make or break a design, but are there really differences between what makes jaw-dropping type offline from what makes great type online? In this presentation, Samantha will evaluate interesting offline lettering and discuss how you can translate those principles and leverage CSS3, @font-face, and new font-as-service web apps to create engaging online typographic experiences.

    At 3:00pm to 3:30pm, Saturday 26th June

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  • Real Time Analytics engine

    by Christopher Zorn and markgunnels

    This talk will center on the advantages and importance of knowledge derived from Real Time information. During the talk, we will explore the Real Time information sphere using a prototype Real Time Analytics Engine built using node.js, an evented I/O framework built on the v8 Javascript Engine.

    At 3:30pm to 4:00pm, Saturday 26th June

  • Marketing by Design

    by Brandon Eley

    Incorporate sound marketing strategies into your design process and think about things from a different angle to make your websites more effective.

    Great web design is about more than a pleasing color scheme and elegant use of white space. Great web design is about getting visitors to take a desired action, whether that's placing an order, clicking an ad, or downloading a software product.

    Learn how to use proven marketing principles in web design to increase your conversions and your ROI. I'll discuss how to improve usability, website navigation, calls to action, home page layout, error pages, headlines, and more.

    Whether you're a front-end designer, blogger or marketer, you'll leave with practical advice that you can put to work in your websites immediately.

    At 4:00pm to 4:30pm, Saturday 26th June

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  • The Art of Getting Paid

    by FreshBooks and John Coates

    Love what you do but hate asking for money? Ever billed less than you thought the job was worth? Ever been pushed around by a big client? We all know you love what you do, but you also need to eat, so let me help you get paid faster and painlessly so you can keep doing what you love.

    At 4:30pm to 5:00pm, Saturday 26th June