Sessions at dConstruct 2010 about Improvisation and Design on Friday 3rd September

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  • Jam Session: What Improvisation Can Teach Us About Design

    by Hannah Donovan

    Have you ever had a spontaneous creative triumph, perfectly in sync with your team?

    A passionate believer in improvisation as a design skill, Hannah’s session will talk about the importance of this technique in her own design process and what lessons can be borrowed from improvised music.

    From the jazz masters to the humble basement band practice, musical concepts such as timing, structure, rolls and expression have many lessons for designers creating an off-the-cuff interface.

    Hannah will explore how the methods of music translate for a design/development team, as well as sharing personal stories and techniques for those times when you need a bit of a jam session.

    At 3:00pm to 3:30pm, Friday 3rd September

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