Sessions at Devoxx 2010 on Wednesday 17th November

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  • Efficient Java development with RESThub framework

    by Sébastien Deleuze

    RESThub is a modular framework designed for efficient Java development. It allows a new kind of software architecture based on existing technologies or standards like Maven 3, Spring 3, JPA 2, JAX-RS, and HTML5.

    It provides 2 MVC framework integration, depending of your needs:
    - A server side solution based on Tapestry 5.2
    - A client side Javascript stack based on jQuery and Sammy.JS for Javascript/HTML5 based RIA
    You can also use RESThub with your favorite web framework!

    In this quickie, I will present how web developers can reach a new level of productivity by using RESThub. I will also explain how it can change the way you develop web applications, with a RESTful architecture on server side, and pure HTML5 and jQuery stack on client side.

    Performance, scalability and security implementation (based on OAuth 2.0) of such architecture will also be described.

    More information on http://resthub.org

    At 1:15pm to 1:30pm, Wednesday 17th November

    In Metropolis Business Center

  • Hacking Infinispan: the new open source data grid meets NoSQL

    by Manik Surtani

    Infinispan is a highly scalable open source data grid platform, and has originally been used to alleviate stress on RDBMSs. Increasingly, it is also used as a NoSQL data store, especially on ephemeral cloud nodes where reliability of disk is not guaranteed. This talk, by Infinispan founder and project lead Manik Surtani, takes the audience through the raisons d'etre of both data grids and NoSQL, and analyses where the two intersect. After this introduction to scalable storage, Surtani introduces Infinispan, and takes the audience on a tour of Infinispan's public APIs, detailing how to configure and interact with Infinispan, as well as through best practices and recipes.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Wednesday 17th November

  • Monster Builds: Scaling Continuous Integration

    by Chris Mountford

    On Wednesday 17th November

    In Metropolis Business Center