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  • Monetising your start-up - who the hell is going to pay me for what I’m doing?

    by Joe White

    Joe White is CEO of Moonfruit.com, and a non-exec director of demotix.com. Joe has raised more than $20m of VC funding in the past few years and has previously worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co and CFO at domain registrar Gandi.net. He will be giving us the low-down on monetising your startup.

  • Something, something, something, REST.

    by Jim Webber

    Jim Webber is Professional Services Director at ThoughtWorks, and renowned REST expert.

    People often talk about adding REST APIs to their systems. That's because we're struggling with 20th century software metaphors in a 21st century connected environment. You too might have been tempted to indulge in writing REST APIs with JSON and URI templates, but you know it's wrong. So what to do? We know steps 1 & 3 pertain to stealing underpants and world domination. This talk will deal with step 2 - hypermedia and protocols.

    Puzzled? Good, see you there.

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