Sessions at Dutch PHP Conference 2010 about PHPUnit

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  • Testing untestable code

    by Stephan Hochdörfer

    Testing software applications with the help of unit testing facilities is an widely-adopted standard in the software development industry today. Unfortunately there exist legacy applications that are not testable by their internal design. In some rare cases even software written today is not well designed to meet the necessary requirements for automated tests. In those cases testing an single component in isolation is not possible due to their dependencies on other components. This often leads to the point of manual testing which is rather cost-intense and error-prone. This session will show how an additional layer of abstraction can help to work around these problems. It is shown how it is possible to test any legacy application by transforming the parts-to-test into testable code fragments that a unit testing facility can deal with without modifying any line of the original source code.

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