Sessions at Droidcon with slides on Thursday 28th October

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  • Continuous Integration with Maven for Android applications

    by Hugo Josefson

    Developers from other environments who are used to creating well-structured applications, will notice that the standard way of working with Android app development can cause pain and unstable projects. The tools are lacking when it comes to dependency management and support for continuous integration. What the developer builds, is not the same as what the build server creates.

    This technical session will demonstrate how you can have a uniform way of building your projects, across developers and build servers. You will experience how the addition of Maven to your projects makes it easier to manage dependencies to external code, and to share relevant code between your projects. Instead of reimplementing what others, or yourself, have done before, this will let you to focus on what's important: Coding *your* app effectively.

    At 2:00pm to 2:50pm, Thursday 28th October