DrupalCon San Francisco schedule

Tuesday 20th April 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010


  • Providing a scalable infrastructure for Whitehouse.gov

    by Frank Febbraro

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  • Stop Decorating and Start Designing

    by Samantha Warren and Irakli Nadareishvili

    Designers often have the misconception that designing a site for Drupal means that there are limitations that will dictate the overall look and feel of the site. This misconception has given birth to a trend of decorating popular themes rather than designing for content, brand, and emotion. This presentation will be both practical and inspirational; exploring ways for you to get inspired, create a process, and get creative to produce unique and beautiful web designs using Drupal.

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  • The state of Drupal as a Web Application & Product Platform

    by Zack Rosen, Irakli Nadareishvili, eric gundersen, Chris Brookins and Alex UA

    While Drupal is usually thought of in terms of Web Sites, many companies and Drupal shops are using the framework to build Web Applications/Products. This panel will look at some of the Products being built on Drupal and will discuss the potential business benefits of building a Web Application on Drupal, from the perspective of Drupal Shops looking to expand beyond a strictly service based business as well as from the vantage point of businesses who are looking for a platform to build their Products with.

    Some of the Products/Applications that will be examined include:

    Flat World Knowledge - an Open Source, College Textbook Publishing company that was prototyped and largely built by Zivtech
    Open Publish - a packaged Drupal distribution "tailored to the needs of today's online publishers," developed by Phase 2 Technology
    Open Atrium - an "intranet in a box" developed by Development Seed
    Managing News - an "RSS/Atom based news tracker with search, republishing and mapping" capabilities, also developed by Development Seed
    Drupal Gardens - a hosted Drupal service aimed at designers, non-developers, and Drupal "newbies," (amongst others) created by Acquia
    Mercury - "a drop-in replacement for your Drupal website hosting service that delivers break-through performance," developed by Chapter Three

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