Sessions at Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2010 about Riak and Erlang

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  • Erlang Is Our Superpower: How Collecta Uses Erlang

    by Jack Moffitt

    Collecta is a real-time search engine that allows users and developers to access enormous of amounts of information at extremely low latencies. Our system is almost entirely Erlang powered, making use of ejabberd, Webmachine, CouchDB, Riak, RabbitMQ, as well as our own Erlang projects, and is deployed over more than a hundred machines.

    I will talk about why Collecta choose to focus our development on the Erlang language and why our problem domain is well suited to Erlang's strengths. Search encompasses a large number of problems, but we find that Erlang excels at solving many of them. I'll also describe our general architecture as well as the reasoning behind several of our technology choices.

  • Riak Search

    by John Muellerleile

    Riak Search is a distributed data indexing and search platform built on top of Riak. The talk will introduce Riak Search, covering overall goals, architecture, and core functionality, with specific focus on how Erlang is used to manage and execute an ever-changing population of ad hoc query processes.