Design beyond the glowing rectangle

A session at EuroIA 2010

Friday 24th September, 2010

10:45am to 11:30am (PMT)

The digital world is breaking out of ‘glowing rectangles’ to imbue everyday objects and environments with connectivity and the ability to process data. This post-desktop model of HCI holds the potential for more naturalistic interactions but heralds a whole new level of complexity in user experience research and design. Moving beyond the screen means not just usability, but interusability: creating intuitable and meaningful interactions with multiple devices that span many interconnecting services.

What kinds of standards will emerge to ensure users know what they can or should interact with, how to do so, what it will do, what its role is within a variety of interconnecting systems, and what the consequences are of engaging with those systems? And how do we define aesthetically pleasing design for such interactions? In this presentation, we will introduce our view of the core user experience design and research challenges with which creators of ‘internet of things’/’smart object’ systems and services will face, such as: Privacy and control of personal data across complex, interconnected systems ? How will users conceptualise and relate to smart objects, sensors and the services surrounding them, and what does this mean for design? Ensuring an appropriate degree of personal agency, control and responsibility for both users and the system in all interactions.

What social, cultural and other (perhaps unintended) consequences may ‘smartening’ objects have? How user research, prototyping and concepting may need to adapt to the demands of complex, mass-user systems. We will also propose approaches by which some of these challenges may be tackled. Our work in this area is informed by our role as a research partner in a large EU sponsored project aiming to create guidelines and standards for the interusability of interconnected embedded systems.

About the speakers

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Chris Browne
This person is speaking at this event.
Claire Rowland

Independent UX/product consultant specialising in #IoT. Lead author of Designing Connected Products (O'Reilly).

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EuroIA 2010

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24th25th September 2010

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Time 10:45am11:30am PMT

Date Fri 24th September 2010

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