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Steve Miner

Clojure programmer

John Ashenfelter

ruby developer, father, technologist, craftsman


Starting up an office in Durham NC for Neo.

Alex Miller

Clojure, Java, JVM, concurrency, Strange Loop, Clojure/West, Lambda Jam, Lambda Lounge, nachos, beer, music

Cosmin Stejerean

CTO at Fulcrum Technologies. bio from Twitter

Brian Guthrie

Global polyculturalist monoglot. Software monoculturalist polyglot.

Bret Young

Past: http://pakyow.org. Present: http://sprungcanary.net, Inferstructure. Future: haglure, 0x0BABC0, http://lifecycleapp.com. Always: Jesus. bio from Twitter

Ben Mabey

Husband, father, runner, triathlete, programmer. Clojure, Ruby, FP, CS, machine learning, BDD. Data science and dev at Red Brain Labs bio from Twitter

Andrew Gwozdziewycz

Father of Ada, schemer, functional nerd in training. I build things for OkCupid Labs and founded @hackandtell bio from Twitter

Devin Walters

ruby, clojure, lisp, emacs, rails, guitar, violin, saxophone, jazz, literature, and generative art bio from Twitter

Ben Atkin

Microposts about node.js, ruby, web development, freelancing, data, computer science, free software, literature, music, and the outdoors. bio from Twitter

Baishampayan Ghose

Hacker. Co-founder/CTO at helpshift.com

Matthew Maravillas

Software developer. I make things. bio from Twitter

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Software Developer at Cognitect, Inc. Clojure/core member. Father, Husband, Christian. Lots more.

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Laurent Petit
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Christophe Grand

Independent software dev/consultant/trainer. Long time Clojure enthusiast and core contributor.

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Chas Emerick

Looking to make meaning. Founder of @snowtide, coauthor of @ClojureBook, and too many failures to name. Compulsive idea generator. bio from Twitter

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Sean Devlin
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Luke VanderHart

Clojure hacker, author of Practical Clojure, software developer for thinkrelevance.com bio from Twitter

Mike Coleman

Polyglot software developer. Cool stuff only! bio from Twitter


Northern, over competitive, cantankerous... bio from Twitter

Christopher Petrilli

Social Justice _________. Nerd. Laissez faire liberal. Tinkerer. General trouble maker. Quod humanitas non est finalis debet. Pronouns: he/him bio from Twitter

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Michael Fogus

Hobbist philosopher and co-author of The Joy of Clojure and author of Functional JavaScript. Open sorceror and reader of tomes. http://www.fogus.me

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Mark McGranaghan

Engineering @ Heroku bio from Twitter

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Chris Houser
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Phil Hagelberg

Quixotic hacker-errant and bumbling cyberneticist. bio from Twitter

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