Sessions at Future of Web Design 2010 on Monday 17th May

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  • jQuery for Designers: All you need to code

    by Remy Sharp

    jQuery is the JavaScript library that's taken web developers by storm, but it's also on a lot of designers radar as a method of creating interactive effects without having to truly understand the ins and outs of JavaScript. This talk will introduce some more advanced features of jQuery, expose common development issues and help you to identify specific areas jQuery can help build part of your application.

    At 11:25am to 12:05pm, Monday 17th May

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  • Freelancer Survival Guide

    by Anna Debenham

    Part of being a freelancer involves finding yourself ridiculously overworked, or embarrassingly underworked. Then there are the client phonecalls at midnight, the dreaded tax forms, the cabin fever, and of course the hours spent trying to get it through to your friends and family that you do actually have a real job.

    With many losing their jobs in the recession, and university graduates struggling to get that first step on the career ladder, freelancing is becoming an ever more desirable and ultimately an increasingly competitive option.

    This session will cover how to set up as a freelancer, working out how much you should charge, keeping track of expenses and writing a contract. There will also be plenty of tips on how to be a better freelancer, including remote working, keeping your sanity, staying competitive without reducing your rates, and how to get decent clients (and keep them) without spending a penny on marketing.

    At 12:10pm to 12:50pm, Monday 17th May