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Christian Heilmann

Londoner, German, European. Developer Evangelist - all things open web, writing and helping. Works at Microsoft on Edge, opinions totally my own. #nofilter bio from Twitter

Ziga Polc

I'm a designer, developer, wannabe programmer, bloger, bookworm, sci fi fan, ... bio from Twitter

Dejan Cencelj

It's to hard to describe myselves only with 160 bytes! Would need at least 160 Tera;) bio from Twitter

Jernej Gračner

#wwwhmb bio from Twitter

Radovan Lozej

web developer / programmer bio from Twitter

Peter Kuhar

Innovating, soldering, motorbiking, quazi designing entrepreneur bio from Twitter

Miloš M.

Developing for the web... bio from Twitter

This person is involved with this event.
Mateja Lugaric

Web developer and photographer bio from Twitter

Robert Sedovšek

Software development at http://Turtl.co. Former @CeltraMobile. PhD candidate. Slovenia CSS Meetup organiser. bio from Twitter

Iztok Smolic

Drupal enthusiast & cosultant http://www.agiledrop.com bio from Twitter

Gregor Koprivnikar

Web Developer, Social Media Enthusiast, Adrenalin Freak, Music Lover bio from Twitter

Samo Drole

Product designer, Mobile http://twizbits.com

Tomaz Stolfa

Curious observer. Founder of vox.io bio from Twitter

Tomaž Žlender

web developer bio from Twitter

Peter Čuhalev

Designer of UI, Web, Mobile, Graphics, Identities & Muffins. Being too enthusiastic when seeing Elephants or nice Typography for other people :) bio from Twitter

Rok Pregelj

Constantly reinventing ways to be amazed by everything. bio from Twitter


A geek with a hat bio from Twitter

J. M.

wu wei ;; founder at invoicefox.com & usrjoy.com bio from Twitter

Matjaž Finžgar

Just another geek, sports freak, rookie brogrammer and writer at @alfasamec bio from Twitter

Miha Rebernik

I design, make and ship products. All the time. bio from Twitter

Aleš Rosina

Developer, specialized in mobile technologies, MobileMondaySlovenia & TEDxLjubljana coorganizer, interested in all new techologies. Coding is fun :) bio from Twitter

Martin Zibert

system engineer @najdisi slovenian search engine, tech freak, want to be a true pythonosta, sailing enthusiast, food && wine lowah. bio from Twitter

Sebastjan Mislej

Lecturehub.com, co-founder and CTO at VLNmedia.net, founder of Videolectures.net, SLO PHP conference coorganizer.., TEDxLjubljana coorganizer.. bio from Twitter

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