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  • Catching sleepers

    by Oli Shaw

    The art & game of 'catching sleepers' - The public transport passengers who fall asleep whilst journeying on buses, trains, tubes and alike.

    What started off as a passing curiosity to alleviate the monotony of my long daily commute soon developed into a year long ‘lite’ anthropological study on the behavior of ‘sleepers’ on public transport. Through this study I have been looking at identifying the traits, behaviors and patterns of sleepers. What similarities could be found in the type of person that makes a ‘sleeper’? As well as the pros & cons of different sleeping methods and tactics.

    Through the documentation of this study I’ve developed a simple game for continued entertainment in which others can competitively play the game of ‘Catching sleepers’ too."

    At 2:00pm to 2:20pm, Saturday 13th November

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