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Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster

Director of Engineering at Groupon

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Mark Halvorson

Head of Interactive at Atlassian

Dave Smith

Android+Embedded. Recovering spark-chaser. Author of Android Recipes from Apress. Android Practice Lead with @TheNewCircle. I have opinions. bio from Twitter

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Chris Chabot

Head of International Developer & Platform Relations @ Twitter. Former Googler, startup founder; Photographer, Traveler & Explorer.

Ishan Anand

Making mobile products since iPhone 2G. Making bad puns for far longer. Work has been on TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and LifeHacker. Head of Product at Moovweb.

Matthew Weppler

Web Developer at NVIDIA

Will Smidlein

web developer. overpunctuator. 16.

Jay Freeman (saurik)

I have many followers; when I use Twitter, I get more replies than Twitter lets me scroll through after a few hours. Do not expect me to see things posted here. bio from Twitter

Liza Sperling

Alpha girl, forever in beta. Business Development @Tongal, marketer & start-up advisor.

Colin Edwards

Programmer, Android developer / enthusiast , tinkerer / maker bio from Twitter

Arne Handt

Exploring collective intelligence and individual stupidity bio from Twitter

James L. Williams

Author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming

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Reto Meier

Android Developer Relations Tech Lead @ Google, software engineer, and author of Professional Android 4 Application Development. bio from Twitter

Julio C. Menendez

VP of engineering and lead developer at MobileRider Networks. Experienced in Python, PHP and JavaScript. bio from Twitter

Al Harding

Software web/mobile dev.. worked w/EA, Microsoft, & now Adobe+PhoneGap. Gamer. Kinect Hacker. A top ISSF competition marksman in Canada - bio from Twitter

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Trevor Johns

Software engineer, hardware hacker, and lover of adventure. Android Developer Advocate and Engineer @ Google. bio from Twitter

Nelson Melo

Software Developer. Organizer of SF Google Tech User Group. I code in Python and Java, for AppEngine and Android.

Tor-Morten Grønli

#Nerd #foreleser #forsker #mobiloman #gadgetentusiast bio from Twitter


recent Cal graduate, security engineer @Lookout bio from Twitter


Mobile developer anything with a small screen and a sdk bio from Twitter

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Will Norris

Engineer at Google, working on projects to support and promote open source software. bio from Twitter

Bastian Hofmann

Software Engineer @ResearchGate, Apache Shindig committer, public speaker, Federated Social Web enthusiast, open source lover

Remco Veldkamp

Passionate about the web since 2005. Building cool stuff together with the awesome crew at @Q42. bio from Twitter

Mike Hougaard

Entrepreneuer. Founder of Pragmatics. Developer ( cs). Classically schooled (C-64) ;-) bio from Twitter

Darryl H. Thomas

iOS Developer at SeatMe (my opinions are my own). I write games in my (shrinking) free time. I golf (poorly). Here there be bad joke dragons. bio from Twitter

Sheldon McGee

Developer, woodworker, husband and dad. bio from Twitter

Laurent Eschenauer

Software architect, team leader, entrepreneur. Building the future of cloud @comodit. Developer of @storytlr and @onesocialweb. Worked at Vodafone, BCG. bio from Twitter

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Scott McMullan

I've mostly packed up and moved to Google+... Follow me and join the conversation there: bio from Twitter

Noble Ackerson

Founder at Byte an Atom Research

David Cifuentes

@eforcers dev manager | @gdgbogota founder | making people's life better thu software bio from Twitter

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