Sessions at IWMW 2010 (Institutional Web Management Workshop) with slides on Wednesday 14th July

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  • Replacement CMS - Getting it right and getting the buy-in

    by Richard Brierton

    Sheffield are doing a major upgrade (replacing) their CMS, this talk will be sharing that experience, and talking about how we've managed the process.

    The broad themes will be:

    • Designing a user experience
    • Catering for the majority
    • User requirements, not user requests
    • How much flexibility is too much flexibility
    • Selling CMS to your users for the second time
    • Support and training
    • Making the web team visible
    • Getting your users on your side
    • How to deal with the troublemakers

    At 9:15am to 9:50am, Wednesday 14th July

    Coverage slide deck

  • StudentNET Portal

    by Josef Lapka

    Inspired by Let the students do the talking... presented at IWMW2007 our StudentNET portal concept has been worked from the initial idea to full deployment, with a go-live in Februrary 2010. A bar camp session was held on this subject at IWMW 2009 with a good attendance and positive feedback. This subject has also been chosen as a showcase at this year's UCISA Conference in Harrogate.

    StudentNET V2 is the new highly personalised Canterbury Christ Church University student portal. Combining cutting edge web technology with robust data structures, it provides students with online administrative and academic services in one place. What sets our portal apart is that it is completely managed by the University's client management system, and is fully integrated with the University's active directory for all authentication needs. There is, therefore, no manual maintenance of users' accounts or access to services, and any updates are applied to the portal in less than 30 minutes.

    At 9:50am to 10:25am, Wednesday 14th July

  • Conclusions: Looking Back and Looking Forward

    by Brian Kelly

    What have the highlights been of the IWMW 2010 event? What have been the main talking points and what new ideas and insights have inspired participants?

    Brian Kelly will facilitate the final session at IWMW 2010 and, in what is intended to be a highly interactive session, will invite feedback and discussions of the various issues raised during the event.

    At 11:30am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 14th July