Sessions at JavaOne 2010 about Arquillian and JBoss on Wednesday 22nd September

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  • Throwing Complexity Over the Wall - Rapid Development for Enterprise Java

    by Andrew Lee Rubinger and Dan Allen

    For many, development of enterprise Java has long been an arduous undertaking. We're of the opinion that application programmers should be free to focus on their business logic only. In this session, we'll start from scratch: • What makes us most productive? • What tasks should we be programming; more importantly, what shouldn't we? • What is a component model, and what does it buy us? • How is this stuff usable in the real world? We'll discuss how testing relates to the features of the Java EE 6 stack. By the end, we'll have introduced a pair of simple and powerful frameworks that render the testing of real enterprise components as natural as calling "add" on a CS101 Calculator.java.

    At 4:45pm to 5:45pm, Wednesday 22nd September