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Sunday 26th September 2010

  • community.js

    by Chris Williams

    Despite being around and prevalent for over 10 years, JS has only recently come to enjoy a focused community. We pull from all ends of the technology spectrum, we do amazing things, and most importantly we JSConf. That all said, we need to make a commitment to growing the community in the right way, with the right blend of inclusivity and awesome. It is our charge to ensure that the world sees JS as a viable option and more importantly a vibrant and welcoming community. Despite our preference in library, despite our preference in framework, there has to be one unifying thing that brings us together - and it can't JUST be a common hatred for IE6. I opened the doors to something important with the first JSConf, and with this talk I am starting the discussion for what the JS Community is, means, and how we want it to be viewed. Unlike any other programming language, our community is completely homegrown, organic, and driven by grassroots efforts like JSConf (eu|us). It is up to us, developers, to do something amazing here and it would be our folly to not learn from all other language communities, else we are destined to become like them.

    At 6:00pm to 6:45pm, Sunday 26th September

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