Sessions at JSConf EU 2010 about JavaScript and Web Standards on Saturday 25th September

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  • JavaScript + Web Standards II: The Quickening

    by Jenn Lukas

    Straight from the JSConf.us talent pool comes the wonderful Jenn Lukas. If you missed her talk in the US, go watch it on blip.tv (when it is released :) because here comes part 2:

    "Part one of this series spanned a broad overview of where JavaScript and Web Standards meet. I also explored examples of how to support progressive enhancement without sacrificing functionality or alienating users. The sequel to that talk will continue on that track and delve deeper into specific examples of JavaScript gone wrong! I will talk about common JavaScript enhanced mistakes that prevent users from enjoying the site experience and provide solutions on how to overcome those. Accessibility and usability should always be on the forefront of your code; this talk will cover take-away tips and general theory all while keeping those goals of best practices in mind."

    At 11:15am to 11:45am, Saturday 25th September

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