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Stef Lewandowski

Venture builder. Working on a new AI/IOT idea. Bootstrapping @makelight. Community utilities @attending @unicornhuntio. Creating something every day. bio from Twitter

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Fabio Bertone

Italian living in London. First Reply soldier on UK Ground. Follow me if you like Web2.0 buzz, XP, mobile, RPGs or me. bio from Twitter

David Powers

Writer of books on PHP and Dreamweaver bio from Twitter


Jquery, Python, Django, .Net MVC = Pretty much what I do

Rupert Bowater

Ancient geek (on my father's side). Into data vis & visual thinking, e-consultation, service design, black tea and warm beer. Co-organiser @webstandards bio from Twitter

Benjamin Nortier

[Software] Engineer. Aspiring Polymath. bio from Twitter

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Terence Eden

I make the interwebs go mobiletastic! I'm a long haired geek. Developer for @Dabr @QRpedia. Work at Telefonica - but all content personal & ©

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Agile developer and lead, man around the technical community town bio from Twitter

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