Sessions at linux.conf.au 2010 on Tuesday 19th January

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  • Roll Your Own Dropbox

    Dropbox is probably the current leader in the storage application and service space for desktop users. Featuring an auto-commit-and-update mechanism to transparently send updates to the repository, changes are reflected on any other machine in near real-time.

    Unfortunately, while Dropbox promises security, you cannot use your own infrastructure for data storage. Most data security policies would make this a show stopper for many organisations that wish to deploy such a facility.

    By gluing a few existing open source tools together, you can replicate the functionality with a version control system, a file system watcher and a scheduled task.

    At 4:45pm to 5:05pm, Tuesday 19th January

  • Structuring a multi-day technical training course

    by Jacinta Richardson

    You have so much you want to teach, how do you structure it so that your training course is both interesting and challenging? How much theory can you squeeze into an hour before your attendees have forgotten where you started? How do structure your course to account for classes which move slower or faster than average?

    This talk will describe what Perl Training Australia has learned about course structure for technical courses involving lots of hands-on programming exercises. We will cover answers to all the above, as well discussing other issues such as cognitive load, learning fatigue and ideal classroom set up.

    At 5:00pm to 5:15pm, Tuesday 19th January